Mowery Photography

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Meet Your Photographer

My name is Tishia Mowery, I am located in Salisbury, N.C. I am a licensed cosmetologist and a full time MOM!!  I enjoy my career as a stylist but have always had a passion for capturing these moments that are often unnoticed! Over the past 9 years of being a mother of 2, now 3!! I have captured many pictures "Worth a thousand words". I have a love for the art of photography and I am excited to see what my future as a photographer holds! I could tell you all day the confidence I have in myself as your photographer and why I can provide the best services for you, but I honestly believe the proof is in the picture! Check out some of the work I have done so far! Feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions you might have! Life is too short for anyone to not be able to capture life's precious moments!!